Friday, July 8, 2011

Insider Deals & Savings on Disney World Vacations & Travel

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Disney World Vacation & Savings Guide
This guide offers sensible knowledge on how to have a deserved, fun-filled vacation w/o exceeding the bounds of financial reason.
You can pay 1/2 the cost of most people, due to the wisdom on tips & savings the author (Beth Haworth, a former Disney World cast member) provides.
Who better to teach you how to save money than someone who 'worked on the inside'?!  All of her suggestions & strategies provided in this book, she tried FIRST HAND!
* Know the High/Low Price Seasons
* Discover deals on shuttles & Baggage service (from the airport to the hotel)
* Slash food expenses
* Identify hotels w/ the most value
* Learn of airlines not listed in travel website schedules
ALL of this (& more) is backed by an unlimited money-back guarantee, if you do not agree this Disney World Money Savings Guide will keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket.  This book proves that you CAN have a sensational time @ Disney World, without going home broke.
Purchasing this book produces a win-win situation now & futuristically.

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